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A story of passion

Victor Dubuc created our small vineyard in the 1960s as a side activity to being a mechanic. He tended to his vineyard after work and on weekends, just like others do with their gardens. Throughout his life, he delivered his grapes to the cooperative winery of Saint-Estèphe, in the Medoc. So did Henri, his son, until 2009.
Chateau Marceline was born from the passion of several ordinary, brave and authentic individuals, driven by the love of the soil, of their work and of respect for the fruits of the earth. That year, Henri decided the time had come to pass the torch on to a younger generation.
Annie, his daughter, entrusted the management of the 44 square-meter vineyard to Céline - Henri’s grand-daughter - and Marc, her husband. They went on to create Chateau Marceline; again, the same year.
Up until then, Marc had spent his whole career making wine for others. With Chateau Marceline, he was finally making his own nectar. That is a feat! Henri and Marc have always been very close. In fact, he partially vinified the 2009 vintage, an achievement he was so proud of, and which he could never have dreamed possible 50 years earlier with his own father.
Marceline is actually the first names of Marc and of Celine, brought together, fused, as they are in their everyday life. The names derive from the same etymology: Mars, the god of war. This is why they made it the emblem of the chateau.
Marc often speaks of wine-growing in terms of a fight. Sometimes his work yields nothing but he never gives up. His reward is the wine which makes them even prouder every year.
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